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    Magnetar ultra-stout ogre lurks inside dead stars
    Father of Romulus, Roman god of wars like Mars
    Infrared portrait of Earth revealed heís immortal
    Half human/half brute, needle rankled Manimal
    Animalistic being with unnatural sadistic spirit
    Evil monster with head of bull and body of man
    Depraved ghoul dwelling in land of the damned
    Beast in womb, tore thru motherís fleshy dunes
    Mouth full of foam, razor-sharp incisors roamed
    Frigid zone scalpel gnawed at his fatherís bones
    Primeval birth in fecal matter, dreams shattered
    Spawn of perdition on the wings of abomination
    Vile child, hostile like gremlins feeding in wild
    Medusaís seed, Hills Have Eyes Pluto in-breed
    Son of Sam, toxic blood-related to Jane Toppan
    Sick like David Berkowitz reading bible scripts
    Radiation in urine, radium travels the arteries
    Intricate infancy like untidy vaginal deliveries
    Flesh-eating bacteria interlaced then defaced
    Ingest mace, breast milk was hazardous waste
    Arterial amiss after inhaling asbestos particles
    Diseased anatomical, years critical in hospital
    Hazed with craze is how he was crazily raised
    Now caged in the age of perilous atomic rage
    Caveman feral, external aflame like venereal
    Internal plutonium-239 radioactive material
    Pupils wide, eyes bide with hydrogen cyanide
    Psyche has entered Heath Ledgerís dark side
    Psychotic logic provoked this mayhem lunatic
    Wrath Kraken clashing Titan on the warpath
    Underworld dweller, prearranged to tyrannize
    Killing machine put slugs in Moe Greeneís eye
    Destructive testimony raids enemy territories
    Calvin J. Candie plantation owner mentality
    Shackled slave on run from liberty to tyranny
    Rebellious prophecies of disorder and anarchy
    Pyro rebel hellish as Dante Alighieriís inferno
    Never-ending Flames of Hades burn fervently
    Eternal vile Trinity, purified fire in purgatory
    Wolf pack barbarity, lion prides blood-thirsty
    Four-legged beast stirring Serengeti savagery
    Demonized fiend with lucid homicidal dreams
    Murdering fanatic unable to kick deadly habit
    Walking time-bomb, grenades pasted to palms
    Search and destroy, deflowering Helen of Troy
    Air Force hotheaded nuclear mission arsenal
    Unconventional Hezbollah strategic missiles
    Arm warfare weaponry rugged like In-Jin Chi
    Scud ballistic, long-range warhead technology
    Doped limbs laced with lithium metal isotopes
    11,000 lbs. propellant force of rocket boosters
    Volcanic geo-thermal power craters Brewster
    Arsonist wildfire out snot boxiní, Energy Oxen
    Blaze-breathiní King of Ghidorah fiery dragon
    Solar-thermal emission blazes Artic ice polars
    Temperament colder than Martian ice deposits
    Sci-fi microchip memory of Johnny Mnemonic
    Emit light in Matrix with dark Oracle foresight
    Visualization of Armageddon Megiddo collision
    MF Doom metal faced with bionic line of force
    Tony Stark mounted Lou Gehrigís Iron Horse
    Aplomb tactical war-fighter like Ghost Recon
    Avid militant with Mark V cannon armament
    Missiles ferment in bomb rack compartment
    Galactic arraignment, dark matter vehement
    Voltage metric knots at 5,000,000 megawatts
    Rays of electromagnetic waves raze oneís DNA
    R-17 Elbrus beam heads like Mars ice crystals
    Projectiles self-propelled, rivals dead on arrival
    Empowered hyenas are on stand-by to devour
    Richter dynamic quakes move tectonic plates
    Iron oxide grasps strip coat of magnetic tapes
    Grim Reaper expert pallbearer, reign of terror
    Spinal tap suicide pacts, bestial barbaric acts
    Infrared thread aimed at middle of foreheads
    Bloodbath, arms unlocked with wings spread
    Horrendous faces of death ghastly bloodshed
    Short range sniper aim Swiss cheese brains
    Minds blown with explosives like land mines
    EKG flat-lines, annihilated discs and spines
    Wolverine bladed guillotine cuts dome clean
    Horrid carnage, impure concepts do damage
    Earthís inner core pulverized to gun powder
    Brainsí matter scatters when skulls shatter
    Daggers utter, gutters embrace slaughtered
    Peers in caskets wear bruises like blankets
    Valiant rebels as shook as Tyson opponents
    Nervous like snitches behind secret service
    Risk life/limbs running in a toros stampede
    Vigorous breeds are turned to chicken feed
    Stone chins crack like glass jaws in prelims
    Chewed on ventilators shrouded with tubes
    Shocked with Kyle Turley suicidal thoughts
    Malicious spit burst rattlesnake venomous
    Windpipes plight like agent orange strikes
    Like wet sulfuric acid, just a dab disfigures
    Imaginary creatures left with grisly pictures
    Blood-drenched glare, murderers' row stare
    Death eyes peek only to snatch oneís breath
    Heís reason thereís no light at end of tunnel
    Stout ancestrals relinquish deeds and titles
    Moses-type Scriptures super-sized Exodus
    Futures are hopeless, Bleek like Memphis
    Hopes sink like a mechanicís on the Titanic

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