I just saw on Youtube a black guy saying that it's been confirmed that Teddy did have a transsexual with him in the car the day he got in a car accident that caused him to be paralyzed. The guy said that the transsexual was giving Teddy a blowjob that caused the accident hahahahahahahahahaha. The transsexual is now a woman and no longer a man. This is messed up and I can't believe Teddy couldn't tell that the woman was a man LOL. Teddy should be ashamed of himself because he had a lot of black women in love with him and he could've had any woman he wanted. But I guess I can't be disappointed in him because of what happened because there's men who thought they were with women and the women turned out to be men. RIP Teddy. He was a legend and a very good singer. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes stopped singing when Teddy left them LOL. I know Harold had a difficult time finding a replacement. RIP to Harold also. I was listening to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes If You Don't Know Me By Now and Be For Real songs this morning.