I just saw this fat white guy on Youtube talking about he was Michael's secret lover. I didn't check to see how old the footage was but i'm guessing this guy spoke about it after Michael died. I always did have my doubts about Michael maybe liking men because he was weird. He did have kids sleeping with him that weren't his LOL. He didn't deal with a lot of women LOL. The last white woman he was married to wasn't cute. Before Michael became white, he had a lot of women that wanted him and for whatever reason he didn't have a lot of women which was odd. I saw a interview with Ola Ray on Youtube after he died and she said she was interested in dating him but he didn't go out with her. Ola was in Thriller video. Ola still looks good but she was cuter when she was young. She used to be a Playboy model and she said the reason why she was in Thriller was because Michael saw her in Playboy magazine. I didn't think Michael would be the type to look at Playboy LOL.