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Thread: College hoops Playboy style…

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    Default College hoops Playboy style…

    Thinking back on the topic I just wrote, I’m guessing a lot of guys are reading this post hoping to see some beautiful ladies playing b-ball in the buff ?. My apologies in advance for any disappointments, I’m really just wondering if anyone has read Playboy’s college hoops predictions this month, and if so, what do you agree/disagree with? I’ve actually followed their charts for the past 3 years in my office pool, and cashed in twice (made $400 for 3rd place last year, $640 for 2nd place last year.)

    The onlyyyy choice I’m really questioning is Villanova for #3, though I haven’t really followed their team besides a few highlight clips on Allan Ray last season.

    Not to cause a big debate, but also what are your thoughts on the 19-year old age requirement for new NBA players? Personally…I think it’s a good thing. But that’s just my opinion.

    Rob in OH

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    Default Re: College hoops Playboy style…

    the 19 year age requirement is a very good thing. I don't know what 'Nova has in store for us this year, but last year the were underrated. I don't think they are quite top 3 material, but definately top 15.

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