Yo playaz,
Australia is gully,
check it...

Fuck a nigga with a gat I've got snakes in my garden,
try to cross their path and they won't beg your pardon,
spiders in the bathroom, hiding inside crevices,
they'll give you the death sentence and they won't require evidence,
on a hot day you might find a creek and stop a while,
and find yourself engulfed in the jaws of a crocodile,
or maybe try the ocean just as it's getting dark,
nobody even sees you as you're taken by a shark,
you might become dinner or you might become lunch,
and even kangaroos know how to throw a punch,
never mind about just a frothing dog with rabies,
we've got dingos over here that'll take your fucken baby,
you might think a koala looks cuddly, cute and soft,
next thing you know it's clawed half your fucken skin off,
drive off a cliff after an echidna blows your tyre,
ride into oncoming traffic as magpies swoop from telephone wires,
feel your flesh fry when you're caught out in a bush fire,
or drown in a flood as river levels rise higher,
coming to the outback, you better bring aid,
even Steve Irwin was bodied by a sting ray,
we make pussy yank ghettos look weak and rather lame,
cos crocs and brown snakes don't care what set you claim,
fuck a pussy ghetto cowboy with a gun in his hand,
he wouldn't last five minutes if he fucked with the land.