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Thread: MC Serch co-signs Lord Jamar's comments on white people in hip-hop

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    Default MC Serch co-signs Lord Jamar's comments on white people in hip-hop

    MC Serch and all four of his chins agree with Lord Jamar's comments on whether or not white people should be allowed to have an opinion about rap music.

    And I quote:

    During a recent interview with VladTV, Brand Nubian emcee Lord Jamar spoke about whites in hip hop, asserting that while white rappers are welcome to get in the game, they will always be "guests."

    “Okay, white rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” Lord Jamar said. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion. White rappers, those of y’all who really studied the culture, that truly love Hip Hop and all that, keep it real with yourself, you know this is a black man’s thing. We started this. This is our sh*t. We’ve allowed you, those of you who’ve proved your skill and all that, we’ve allowed you to come in and kick your sh*t, make yourself known. You know what I mean? And if you have enough respect for the culture we f*ck with you. But don’t push it too far.”

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    Oh and by the way Lord Jamar (AKA the Golden Era Closet-case) has been making practically a video a week addressing other men's sexuality and hiphop.

    Normal functioning hetero males do not have that this much of a vested interest in this topic. It's getting weird watching him unravel. Probably touched by his uncle or something.

    Also macklemore is a cornball.

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    Is Lord still 5%? lol I wouldn't be surprised if Lord Jamar has picked up trannies before.
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    I like the fat black man on House Of Payne and he's very funny.

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