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Another one of your secondaries.

Again, what does advocating better health care for the mentally ill have to do with feminism?

Post natal depression is a recognised illness. You've never given birth so how would you know?
Well, you were not advocating for better health care for the mentally ill, you were advocating for better care for a criminal who was a woman who didn't care if she killed her own child.

You claim to be advocating for the mentally ill, yet somehow the condition (postnatal) is only valid in women in your eyes, even though the medical community states otherwise. Again, the physical pain of giving birth has little to do with the condition in most cases, yet the pain of birth is what you focus on.

That is blind feminism.

I watched both my children brought in this world and have great respect for what a woman goes through. However, it does not give them free reign on the world.

I advocate for the mentally ill. You advocate for a criminal and disgrace those with a valid condition.