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Thread: CharlesJones vs. Skampoe

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    Default CharlesJones vs. Skampoe

    I think CJ takes a lot of shit from people in here (from me included) about his life, but when you think about it, he is doing much better than Skampoe.

    CJ is a janitor at an office building. Skampoe is a dishwasher at a restaurant. CJ's job is that he has to take out the garbage and mop floors and that is horrible, but think about it, that is the worst part of his job. That is the best part about Skampoe's job. Skampoe can't wait to take out the garbage and mop the floors because that means he is finished washing dirty dishes and scrubbing greasy pots and pans.


    CJ has a driver's license and a car. Skampoe does not have a license and relies on his wife to drive him everywhere. And CJ owns a nicer car than that piece of shit that Skampoe gets driven around in.


    CJ has sold 0 of his rap albums. Skampoe has sold 0 of his rap albums.


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