Open to my world, open to my world
Fuck what cha think, come to my world
You can get it, welcome to my world
Why donít cha come to my world?
Open to my world, open to my world

Blaze up smoke, without choking
Folks you ainít doing it right, go back to spliffís and joints
Donít try blunts and oceanic that a grown man stunt/
Get high and flow fly so high I died laughing out loud
Dead doubt when comedians trying test me at the laugh factory/
Get smashed shown out like ATM is cashed out
Act like bully you ainít no throwback like fake ass Ryback/
You can ride in back, thinking you can create
When the last time you created a cracking programs/
Slow jams hold out cha hands, and work a real job
You lame statistic, get split hairs that spit ain;t terrific
You canít get derricked without skills I pair a bunch of tricks/
Flip the lights on and off, wax on wax off
Come at me with cha legs Iíll hit cha with the sawed off/
So I had a resurrection without any connection so I borrowed a dollar
Corrected intercepting how about cha get some contraception
Instead of just penetrating, enter your final days of your sentence/
Pen this lettering iron meditating how am I relating
Fiend out the game, pure flow is like pure cocaine/
Ship flows off the chain token brain scans
Get lame hands dealt to your like pair of bad deuces/
Get reused like a sample kid
Spit cha darts watch me recycle that/
Remix that from the days of reacting
Iím recapturing the days before auto-tune
Gaff goons smash platoons beat jack
Seen through jakes faded fakes
Get leaked out on lakes, Get cha tapes dubbed over
Get cha cdís scratched to death, Get cha records dissed
Before hot 97 laid it down on the dish/