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Thread: Alex you need to sort yourself out.

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    Default Alex you need to sort yourself out.

    you know you do nothing with your life since getting kicked out of the army. you have your mum and your sister, and your dad at the weekends.

    being online can be fun, but if that's all you're doing with yourself then you're wasting your life away when you could be having real life interactions. i know you're scared of real life interaction, since always having had that crush on your little sister your sister was all the woman that you felt you needed in your life.

    since she's not into you, it must've been hard on you when she started dating. you lost that female other half that was always with you growing up. and there's you, not having as much luck. it's because you're always online. go and do something with your life, you might meet a girl that you might like and if you're lucky she might like you back.

    don't ever think that just because i've gone back and forth with you as diggy one night and gone back and forth with you as sosa the next that i think anything of you. in fact, it just makes me hate you more. but you seem to revel in it cos that's the only attention i will give you.

    you will always be trash, you've proved to me that you're trash time and time again.

    your online career hasn't been that great. i think you should give it up and give real life a go. wouldn't you prefer real life interaction with women?
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