I've always wondered why black men hate each other and kill each other. I know i diss ignorant black men often because i don't like them but i would never kill a black man that i don't like. Black men need to stick together and love each other instead of hurting and killing each other. Black men killing each other is just getting outta control and needs to be stopped. Pretty soon there isn't gonna be any black men left and white people are gonna be happy because they want blacks gone off the earth. Black women don't kill each other when they got beef. They may fight but they won't kill each other. Black men need to learn when they got a problem with each other that they need to talk about it because killing isn't the answer.

Black men stuck together during slavery and in the 50's and 60's when civil rights movement was happening. I thought it was nice that minister Farrakhan got rappers together during the eastcoast and westcoast beef to get rappers to speak to each other about problems they had with each other. That's how Common and Ice Cube squashed their beef. I just watched recent footage of Snoop Dogg on Youtube talking about he squashed his beef with Suge Knight and i was glad to hear that. It seems like minister Farrakhan is the only one concerned about black men's issues because he had a million man march for them in 1995. Then he had another million man march for them in 2005 for a 10 year anniversary of the first million man march.