Pawn maxes rappers get Saxons, bishops get preaches
Leason teacher feature creatures textile lines get fabric rhymes/
Think they just texting away
when they ainít even being reckless/
Made cha mind crumble like
there was mumble in the jungle
When they faxing the right rampage/
Out cha damn cage
Iím off the hook like UFC/
Maybe if you try and emcee
You could see me like vivid Van-Gogh painting/
Wrestling minds to the canvas
Ask me to design something lavish
Your minds a miss carriage/
Battling barrage documenting statements
Ultra-fine you cranes agonistic claw crows
Get cha bong blown, your made of glass
Donít throw stones you canít deflect/
Assassinate cha game, get off my lawn
Get off my speakers, get off my mp3 player
Get off my computer screen, get out my rhymes
And thatís my B-Boy Alpha, Beta, Theta and Gamma/

Want to chant and mantra off my answer
Caught cha slipping get hit with a blade dancer
Cancerous carnivorous Iím ripping it rambunchous
Get eaten and devour while I tip the waitress like the leaning tower
And thatís my B-Boy Alpha, Beta, Theta and Gamma