Back like lighting, strike back when I am writing
Seen how you be brighten, Iím writing outta pajamas
Leaving you in panama, ask how do jam like Grand Mama/
Piece outta punches dunk you out cha crutches
Never had to touch the rim, just had to sing like Michael in ďJAMĒ/
Get off your hands free kit, thinking you spit
I can rip minds down like a crossword puzzle/
Get saddled you without rocking chairs
Battle bears my brotherhood of the fire fist
Make you kiss my piss you dip shits ainít got no scripts
You couldnít write you just had a ghost post in your place
What a waste, retract cha statements, and apologize
Before I author your demise and ether you career before
You try and build it when Iíll just say ďunder repairĒ/

In any cipher, itís gets hyperÖ.

These ainít punches this is crunches
While the beat is crushing your flows like peanuts/
See you ainít got a flow like duck, duck, goose
Get cha EQ boosted, while your vocals
Are your flows still lo-fi,
Your without skills to be hi-fi/
Want to lie on beat is like lying to a jury
Want to rhyme like beast ready to feast/
You ainít on any feeding frenzy,
Your weak and lazy trying such to be Swayze/
I can bury memories like bad lyrical monologues
Transverse iron out quirks like quarks get chalked/
Get slayed like rappers in a choke hold
Get played like bad demo tapes on the internet/
Get dead like homicides on unsolved mysteries
Get beat down with a championís vigilance/

In any Cipher it gets hyper, if you ainít rifling off thoughts
Get caught by rippers who donít think
They rip bars then drinkÖ..