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Thread: Untitled Rivals, Get Marveled or Marbled

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    Default Untitled Rivals, Get Marveled or Marbled

    Catís take me for a bloke I tell them donít mess with my spokes
    Or Iíll choke ya out with THE DARK SIDE of THE FORCE/
    Thatís Starkiller of course, battling bars shattering charts
    Leave you with headaches more present than debt card charges/
    Even though Iím a humble of course
    But when I have to let my dark side out/
    Iím as vicious as Darth Vader with a fader,
    Thatís what I be telling these ruthless space invaders/
    If ya wanna bother me without applications or appointments
    I can leave e'm disembodied and disappointed without anointment/
    Toy with my tech my wrecks be bodying shops
    Leave you looking like another scene off of COPS/
    Get cha reality shattered like a Final Fantasy
    My real life is compared to Star tropics
    Just another Adventure Time to be had/
    Get real sad when you see me in the streets
    As I rip your mind down to spools of tape fool
    Get screwed and chewed like jammed cassette tapes fool/

    Gimme the heat, Iím Sun, Youíre the Moon
    Gimme the Ocean, Iím cool, youíre the fool....

    Battling me thatís cool, I can spit, flow and chew out
    Darts make your mind consequence and think twice/
    Speak your mind come out like topicalís
    Watch eím drip outta you like tropical solar rays do/
    Pull a phaser, set it to stun
    Sucker emcees get ramparted
    Ramrodded armed carded, get discard/
    Gets dissed retarded, misguided found fido chilling?
    Get cha bully pulpet separated from your ass cheeks
    Rap geeks get a kick outta Sheep Lord/
    When I speak downtrodden, emcees get wooden in they're delivery
    withering away like ashes from the porches i just burnt down
    Cross off my check list like a vendetta completed/

    Gimme the heat, Iím Sun, Youíre the Moon
    Gimme the Ocean, Iím cool, youíre the fool
    Iím the King Pyron of the tracks leave scotched and blazed
    Hit cha wit that rocket arrow express
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