Fuck this game, shame on these lames that think they freak it
Without putting it in something tighter than anything she can squeeze in/
Fuck this game; put something into it before you can have any influence on it
Fuck the game, make a name and roll that bitch up and smoke that like spliff/
Speak on topics trying to drop it make it moss pit
Pit bossing walk the terrain operate in my own domain/
Shown game you ainít even the MVP of your own sport
You wanna extort, before you can an import or export/
Distort cha footage; think you need some more inches
In a pinch I stich cha up like lilo, think you need some help Neo/

Fuck this game, this game needs an enema (repeat 3x)

Fuck this game; think you got what it takes
You can break down and get ripped to shreds now/
Fuck this game ship sharks to your front porch
Watch put cha arm in and watch get torn from limb to limb/
Equate what cha weigh get cha lames
You ainít even game to get played and slayed like The DMC trilogy/

Itís always 3am in the morning when Iím striking
Itís always 3am in the morning when Iím ripping
So fuck this game, this game needs an enema (repeat 3x)

Split cha breeze in this is winter cold
Fuck a flow my Michaelís be hitting you with rifles/
Pluck your mind off this planet like guitar string
Thinking thereís more to life than bling/
Get off the top rope like Jimmy ďFlyĒ Snuka
Get cha booked, look your chapter is closed/
Rappers your flows arenít even distinguished
There just washed up jibber jabber/
That anyone could write a page
And take the stage in a rage/
That desolate minds and phases
In its prime without a prospect of timing/