Iím a PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuz every time I write bars, these people think IíM PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!
To tell eím what the hell is on my mind - I guess I'm a PSYCHO!!!!
I don't have ta say a word, I just rip eím to shreds and burn down the booth
And keep on going, because I don't take shit from no one

Correct cha phrases, Iím paraphrasing
Donít interrupt Iím venting and ripping/
My words are sharp katana sword
cut cha down your nurses gown like Madonna now/
Fuck a frown what cha a sad clown
Get moon like farts gassing these cats with poisonous ether/
Smoke too much refer seethe either come at cha with a fever
Mr. Mike Psycho is back unleashed see through air tonight/
What cha an old Elton john son get off your soap box hard
You ainít hardly spoke to me before I spit ďBe Like WaterĒ wit Beattek/
Emcees get wet in their panties
When I run through beats like Hurricane Sandy/
Place minds on the boondox, try to room with clocks
I hate the ticking the tock like Hook hateís clock/
Iím sick havenít took my meds yet
So you famously register me as an offender/
Iím an obscene suspender opposites attract
Attack beats with more rage than a sith lord/
Bishop aborts faces get torn, sucker emcees
Get worn like bear skin in the Middle Ages/
Where the freak are all these peeps you put in your songs
There weak, wackier than lavender paint drying on walls/
Face the falls, my mind mauls tigers without a liger in my way
Come off the hook, get hung on a meatrack
get caught in a sleeper hold or a choke hold
Leave you more dusted than angels in heaven/
Out in Haven, the PD know what fuck is going on
Everybody got troubles itís just manifest supernaturally
So everytime you hear me rip and blood is shed