How long do you think we have before the one world government takes over and we are FUCKED?

I mean if you believe in 'Illuminati' stuff? I guess its possible that all the shady incidents that have come to light over the years are unrelated and just examples of the nadir of human nature and politics.

Personally i think politics is a barrel of snakes, and in fact one definition of politics is: "Activities aimed at improving someone's status or increasing power within an organization." I think thats a big clue as to what the game really is, increasing your power via respect, and more often fear. By its very nature, increasing your power decreases somebody elses.

To quote some PETA guy in South Park "Elections are always between some douche and some turd, because they're the only ones that suck up enough to make it that far in politics". The game is keeping the banks and corporations happy and the people just happy enough to not kick in the door.

Needless to say (although i'm still going to say it) for a group of power hungry politicians a one world government is the ultimate goal, their wet dream.

Some people believe and others don't. I know shit like this sounds crazy to people that watch the news every day and take it as fact. I can't say this is definitely true, its just using logic to fill in the blanks of all these incidents like the RFID chips and Hitler and many others.

So while we all squabble about racism and religion and celebrities and the price of gas, how long before the last few countries join the world bank and the infrastructure is in place and then they start having fun with those pesky muslims and communists, and other useless bums like wucorp posters.

I'm interested to see how many people believe in this crazy conspiracy shit and what they think the timeframe is for this.