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    Default Boogeyman

    Fire breathin’ heathen, misshapen creation
    Hunch-back Sleestack from deepest cracks
    Iniquitous heart becomes visible after dark
    Death knell dwell, ejected from human shell
    Murkiness spawned, embalmed with napalm
    Child of murkiest breed, Satan’s odious seed
    Mother Nature upheaval birthed perfect evil
    David Koresh wolven in seek of human flesh
    Disordered manic, “good boy” turned satanic
    Diabolic possession due to demonic invasion
    Unrepentant thread blight created to plight
    Malevolent too vast for man's power to bear
    Despaired ogre inhaling decayed hollow air
    Impure stream vaccine, weaned wing fiend
    Eli Roth core, abhorred guru of odium gore
    Demon mad after ejaculated wicked semen
    Permeated mistress of devil, root of all evil
    Ethical dispel, quadruped hound from Hell
    Grisly deformed child of the corn’s firstborn
    Horrid Hannibal cannibal ravenous animal
    Chupacabra mythical, gluttonous of jackals
    Guillermo del Toro, Pale Man biological ogro
    Hombre del Costal, El Cucuy motiva el mal
    Voodoo Loa of Death, bleak reaping breath
    Insidious red-faced demon smear of malice
    Resident Evil, flesh-hungry undead cripple
    Hideous freak of nature nurturing callous
    Scientific abattoir, slaughterhouse laborer
    Malefactor murderer, Gacy corpse hoarder
    Somber drifter, cannibalistic shape-shifter
    Axe Murderer hacks Pinhead in Hellraiser
    Flay and mutilate monstrosity of Cenobites
    Vile fangs take flight to strike thyroid pipes
    Jason Voorhees monster massacre hasten
    Michael Myers dire, live-wire for line-of-fire
    Lord of Nightmares waterboards vocal cords
    Freddy Krueger dream shattering strategies
    Irrational psychotic slaughterer of societies
    Leeched violent wrath has been unleashed
    Nauseating brood sustained by rotted foods
    Impaired vision due to sick mocking stares
    Fort pitchfork tusk warthog seeks to distort
    Godzilla in motion purges serenity of ocean
    Eponymous antagonist branded genderless
    Mired androgynous, John Carpenter Thing
    Terrorizing Sadako Yamamura in The Ring
    Ballyhoo Count Orlok will silent Nosferatu
    Criss Angel Mindfreak, creature physique
    Fleshly anomaly adrift in arms of anarchy
    Embodiment of terror engendering horror
    Jeepers Creepers brute blessed by reaper
    Gruesome macabre is reason he’s feared
    Psyche travels through qlipothic spheres
    Chest tone crawls thru realms unknown
    Scorn hybrid defying laws of natural form
    Frankenstein mind with swine blood-line
    Lecherous, murderous thirst carnivorous
    Rainforest river piranha swallowing orcas
    Spewed from belly of the beast like Jonah
    Titan clashing with Calibos and Medusa
    Kazakhstan werewolf tormenting America
    Bone-popping, skin-melding reformation
    Omen warnings come before destruction
    Oil coiled incisors take form of gargoyles
    Ability of Grim Reaper, fistic executioner
    Hound/annihilate, snarls shake quakes
    Starving beast fervently yearning to feast
    Terminally lusting for ruthless butchery
    Enthrone heir of where Leviathans roam
    Purgatorial permanence rapt in silence
    Willful angels avoid apocalyptic violence
    Sleepy Hollow headless horseman ghostly
    Killed battle as coffins straddled to saddle
    Trails of oblate bodies left in frigid wakes
    Fleets of thoroughbreds rendered obsolete
    Horrific right-wing warlord torture tactics
    Belligerent beast marking death warrants
    Coerced by vampiric burgundy fluid thirst
    Insatiable appetite, enshrouded in murk
    Goblin Golovkin is of supernatural origin
    Phantom limbs tackled nefarious within
    Defaced and debased in path of disgrace
    Ire ablazed eyes extinguished with mace
    Maniacal craze powered by gamma rays
    Kevorkian disposition slips into oblivion
    At peace while talking with the deceased
    Lusting to bathe in blood of adversaries
    Deluged in red liquid and done blissfully
    Ancient revulsion, nightmarish realities
    Bully gorges on bones of contemporaries
    Brute ingests marrow of hearty enemies
    Strife made him apathetic to human life
    Dishonor cold-blooded disdain for others
    From underneath ice lakes in Antarctica
    Haunting landscapes draped in stigmata
    Bona fide Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde persona
    Choirboy temperament outside the ropes
    Inside, emotion void killer going for broke
    Iniquitous smile due to thrill of atrocities
    Potencies know no divisional boundaries
    Necronomicon wrath, corridor of warpath
    Helter-skelter subversive cavern-dweller
    Leatherfaceless skins cats to hypodermis
    Urgent haste to waste brazen opponents
    Lord of Sin with persistence of assassins
    Hell sermons, preaching death and doom
    Gloom lagoon goon is immune to wounds
    Stalking predator bears bestial markings
    Eager ego-snatcher, sadistic headhunter
    Heralded switch hitter, vaunted puncher
    Heavy-handed, jabs stiffer than cadavers
    Uppercuts decapitate, rights bomb Kuwait
    Liver shots collapse World Trade Centers
    Surgical dismember of top 10 contenders
    Enemies wear bodybags as funeral gowns
    Crown of thorns brutal bloody beatdowns
    Potato heads shredded into hash browns
    Vertebrates pulverized to burial grounds
    Ribs morbid like newborn cribs with SIDS
    Bodies stiff from uncaring heat exchanger
    Battered souls litter the torture chambers
    Inured as he circles corpses like vultures
    Stirred due to tearing flesh off Odin birds
    Hired gun body snatches Mike McCallum
    Chemical Ali specialist, volatile KO artist
    Syrian poisonous arms discharge phlegm
    Impending dread rapid altered bloodshed
    Dan Rather not report morose massacres
    Atrophy paralyzin’, posthumous twitchin’
    Ted Bundy caesarean genital mutilations
    Act of retribution lifts stays of executions
    Foes on deathwatch like suicide patients
    Square-circle militants fear the dissident
    Brigades evade him like lepers with Aids
    160 lb. dogs in K-9 long runs want none
    Stevens mindlessly spoke and provoked
    Awoke the basilisk with scornful quotes
    Monsters Collide, moms depart ringside
    Tenacious attack mode dying to explode
    Chin checked, ass wrecked and decked
    Dismantled, methodical animal trample
    Laser beams macerated to smithereens
    Showtime got thorough flogging on HBO
    Machismo gun talk turned voiceless ho

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    Quote Originally Posted by check two View Post
    pretty much

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    Quote Originally Posted by JChavez View Post
    Impure stream vaccine, weaned wing fiend
    Eli Roth core, abhorred guru of odium gore
    Demon mad after ejaculated wicked semen
    Permeated mistress of devil, root of all evil
    Ethical dispel, quadruped hound from Hell

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