Run these thoughts and think tanks
Breaking the bank on knowledge camps/
Dabble in the marbles that be fragile
Rack you up like pool hall, shoot cha like cue stick/
Speak outta flames, leave you dusted like ashes
From the flames I used to torch the booth down wit/
Get roasted this isnít no comedic special on comedy central
This is the entrance exam you failed miserablely/
This is a battle where you get rattled
And snake bitten stay straight spitting venom in eím/
Bring it back to what brought cha forth
Faded course get lost on the court
With no ball to hit, bounce, kick or dribble/
Speak those calls, shout those plays
Run those audibleís, make those shots/
We going to hit the clock until we make the shot
We going to run this town tonight/
Braving the faces, aced out wasted
Iím going to bring back my big red ogre
Emcees going to know Iím colder than Antarctica
Get cha kick off the ledge like THIS IS SPARTA/
Think ya got to work harder, famously farting out gaseous odors
Leaving heads needing that poison so I sell it to them/
Show eím how I demolish crew brandish newbs
Crashing cruises, smashing fire escapes/
Talk real reckless I ainít need no stuntmen
Pump ya breaks faded fakes get lady of the lake/
Flamevel I aim well enough to snipe you in the leg
Dead heads more than concussed NFL players/
So now you reckless in how drag down our connection
When I connect I erect more strongly give it to her Longley/
Regretful rebirth you in needing how I keep coming back
So I strapped with more snakes on the plane
Than Samuel L Jack, so when I rap I rip heads
Down to grains that coffee beans could use/

When I write I skull conduct
And remind cha the rap game is a zombie full business
So now everybody wanna make sure they have a witness
Because the apocalypse is coming