See I told cha so
They gonna make the first move
Checkmate, I won
I took the match
Thatís gameÖ
See itís all in the name

Rip foes, bind bones mind meld wit cha see
How I pierced cha psyche people wanna be like me/
So I write flames, and rise like a phoenix
You cannot get inside this head of mine/
So psychological opposite rocking sidereal
Making you humanistically ethereal
Bringing flames to the game
Show how much pain I can bring/
Soul control get cha undertow
Over blow the Epstein, check scheme press play
Wait for the paint to dry, watch how expose you
Make you bluer than the sky is/
Itís the business, when Iím in recovery dead it lovely
Iím about the beast, rest pieces come with a thesis
Feature this how I reach this plateau/
Make out claims credit cha for the games
Show how confession get taught lessons/
Treasure buried in tombs like pharaohsí
Iím carrying crosses, axe ya out the conversation
Its immiscible by the courts, fought fierce
Flame out get cha steam ruffled like feather/
Trying to get scorched like hot fish grease
Take that shit to the face, like you been maced/
I got it better like mason betha, Iím tougher than leather
Get the fever lever it like two-thousand ways to die/
Get fried in fanny packs rappers can get sacked
Never been a puppet, get cut like scissorís/
I am the arrow in ya quiver, get silver tongue lashed
Blazed out glass aged outta classes get touched like you thought cha couldnít/