interesting thought consider all pawns as one member - and why ?

king - rza; pretty obvious why, without him it wouldnt have happend

queen - gza; most powerful piece, closet thing to the king and has some killer shit to bring to the table, dont leave this piece in a place that it can take advantage of.

bishop #1 - ghost; royal as fuck, uses purple the colour of royalty as his shit, always drips style and has some power with angles you might not see comming

bishop #2 - masta killa; dude got the name of the best kung fu movie character ever and is under estimated if you dont pay attention to it.

knight #1 - odb; wierd angles, i might take you a while to figure this piece out but when you get the idea it can bring some heat to the table.

knight #2 - meth; always twisted and will move quick over the board if you give him the chance, most wins will end with this piece in the mix, owns the centre of the board at the start

rook #1 - inspecta deck; this piece will come at you straight forward and doesnt mess around, one of my favourite chess pieces, a hidden strength you might not realize has a plan from the get go.

rook #2 - rae; just like deck this piece has a straight forward approach and will fuck you up real quick, often i take the other sides queen with this piece, very powerful piece

the pawns - ugod; least powerful piece but is still a good thing to have near the end, holds the board down at all times and can change into any of the other pieces if it reaches the other side.

PEACE. build