I informed you thistly
(Repeat 4x)

Come off the ledge, aim for the head
Blame the dead, for my disposition/
Spit wisdom thru verses,
Speak truths in the booth proven winners/
Gloss over losses, crosses out cha texts
Hell hole spell scroll shine outta context/
Get off your prom dress, you promised
Id be honest make decent woman outta ya/
Message get send to data hubs
So master the matrix, put asterisk next to it/
Aim for sadist, eat pray love
Think of the raven flying above
Dimes a dove, homes are below/
Sloan dive below icebergs
Save a thousand people
Making it seems lethal/
Speak well shield codex
Medal gear solid polish the iron ship core
Binary bonds numeric logic been in college/
Since my birth, so I surf the web
Before its public interception/
Connected out lead feed firewall creed
Scholarship leads, best believe
Free words, cost me an arm and a lung/
Solid sun solar eclipse pimps
Leave you redacted like classified files/
So when rip through the sea scrolls in the sea of tranquility
With the lyrical ability of disparaging apparatus
Mastering the Argus only your majesty can lavish
Just remember I inform cha thistly/