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Thread: RZA 8 Minutes from The Digital Bullet (2nd Bobby Digital Movie)

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    LOL wtf did i just witness? Him lying in the trunk had me dying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammin View Post

    Would you describe the album as a sequel to the first Bobby Digital?

    I wouldn’t call it a sequel but rather another episode. I just make episodes, but there’s no particular order. I recently found the Bobby Digital film I did some years ago. I had lost a bunch of my stuff, but I found that footage and started watching it. One episode is about Bobby Digital as a regular street kid, with long braids trying to help get the guns off the street. The second episode is called “The Digital Bullet,” and it’s years later when’s he become a ghetto superhero. The next episode is called “Black Shampoo,” where it’s Bobby Digital and Kinetic trying to bring down the Raven and the Four Birds of Prey who are trying to steal the souls of women.

    Read more: http://www.prefixmag.com/features/rz...#ixzz2kguGY5VO
    Ah ok, so these are more like short films I guess?

    Don't forget the Bobby Digital cartoon also

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    Quote Originally Posted by MANTIS69 View Post
    We need this shit in Blu-ray

    You mean black Rae?

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    LOL That would've been classic if they'd released it in 90s
    Did y'all see the eye-lasers

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