can get outta prison and become productive citizens if they're trying to do the right thing and have a better life. It's sad to me that so many black men when they get outta prison go right back to doing the same dumb shit that caused them to get locked up because they aren't trying to get a job. They think they can't get a job because they've been to prison. That's why they have work release programs that help former convicts get jobs and even though the jobs may pay a low salary, it doesn't mean they have to stay at a low salary forever. Jobs have higher paying positions that the convicts can move up to if they wanna learn the higher paying positions. I really admired Ving Rhames character because when he got outta prison, he got a job and tried to live his life the right way. His buddies who were convicts like Faizon Love wanted him to go right back to doing criminal activity when he got out and Ving refused to do that. So Faizon and his other friend who was a spanish guy looked at him differently and Ving stayed away from them.

Terrence Howard was Ving's son and Terrence was a criminal and he wanted to be just like how Ving was when he was young. Ving tried to get Terrence to stop being a criminal but Terrence didn't wanna listen to him. Ving's woman was Taraji Henson who was in Baby Boy movie with him. If ya'll haven't seen this, ya'll should check it out. Paula Jai Parker is also in this and she was in Hustle And Flow movie with Terrence and Taraji. Rapper Black Child who was with Murder Inc. records and he rapped with Ja Rule has a small part in this as a criminal. Ving did a sequel to Animal but it's a little different because Ving is locked up for life and he's forced to do some prison fights for money and he wants to save his son from getting locked up because he's a criminal. His son is played by a different guy who's not a well known actor like Terrence. I haven't seen Animal 2 but i'm gonna get it from soon.