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Thread: serial killer cover ups

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    Default serial killer cover ups

    I watched the killer pinkerton gettin interviewed and he said somethings that made me think he was part of a "secret society" and was allowed to operate without much interference from the law. Then I started researching other killers and reading between the lines of their comments and I got the same impression. These killers are not lone nut jobs doing this. Thats the profile "sold" to the public.Then I came across this youtube channel today that confirmed all my suspicious. According to the author these serial killers are connected to satanic/government networks for the purpose of obtaining victims for occult rituals and deviant perversions for the "elite"

    check it out. This person has a whole channel dedicated to this topic with some great evidence thats not been in the mainstream.

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    Default ffffff

    your darn toot-in palehorse
    that video was creepy
    made me wanna crawl into a 69 position with a vegan bitch and suck clit to comfort mah self for witnessing dat shit

    give mah facebook page free lee boyd malvo page a like

    free-ing him not only free's him but its gonna expose the network that secretly trains child killer/prostitutes

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    going thru google found mad disturbing videos about david ray FUCK

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    dude had a military style trailer where he tortured and raped women. It had satelites and anteannas hooked up to it. Who was he broadcasting his crimes to? And why was this never mentioned?

    like the video i posted said...dude made 9$ an hour, that trailer and all the equipment cost over 100,000$ probably money he made selling his videos.

    suspect as fuck
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    and in all these cases the police are assisting in the cover ups by repeatedly ignoring complaints and tampering with evidence with is always just brushed off as mistakes and general incompetenance. Naw, its way too frequent in these cases to be a coincidence. How many times do the killlers get pulled over or have run ins with police and they magicallly talk thier way out.

    oh perfect example. Dahmers victim escaped. a 14 year old boy who was found by police naked, bleeding from his asshole, and fucked up on drugs. Dahmer told the police they had a lovers quarrel and the police drove them both back to dahmers apartment. 2 witnesses were there yelling at cops to arrest dahmer but the police just told them to go away. These were the orders given by the chief of police.While at dahmers apartment they said they saw nothing unusual. The timeline suggest dahmer had a rotting corpse in his bedroom. Dahmer also had an altar with skulls of his victims.He also had security type cameras in every part of his apartment which, again, was never reported by the mainstream.

    What makes this more incredible is that the police where suspended after public scrutiny of these events. After a year though the officers were reinstated with full back pay of 100,000$ and given awards as officer of the year for "fighting for thier jobs after these events"

    fuck outta here...bribes
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    with this new perspective listen to this phone call between henry lucas and otis toole that law enforcement arranged, it will make a whole lot of sense now. They talk about other people being involved, the penalty they will get for telling and denouncing thier god satan, and some other insights into the true nature of thier crimes.

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    both these men recieved pardons from the death penalty by Jeb and George Bush in thier respective states. It was the only pardon George Bush ever gave out in his term as Governor.

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