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Thread: Aslan / 12Jewels / Maccabees

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    Default Aslan / 12Jewels / Maccabees

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    Absouljah - Dark Coffee (Feat. Aslan)

    Issachar Burden - Mind Torture (Feat. Aslan)

    Tekneek - Funeral Music (Feat. Mr.G, Gutta, Aslan, Backlash, Verses, Change & I-Ty y)

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    Aslan drops 3 releases right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeLo View Post
    Aslan drops 3 releases right now!

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    Aslan - Observe ft Lin Que aka ISIS of X-Clan

    Aslan - The Art Of War (Remix) ft Beretta 9 & Shogun Assasson & Co-Defendants

    Kinetic 9 feat. Islord & Aslan-Real Spit Pt1 (Produced by Aslan)
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    gonna keep bumping this shit untill yal show some respect.

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    Default Live Vidz

    Aslan 12 Jewels - Behold A Pale Horse

    Aslan - Chant Down Babylon - Live in Villefranche

    Aslan - Belly of the Beast - Live in Villefranche

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    Default Biography

    Founder of Twelve Jewels Productions, The Uk based Emcee/Producer Aslan handles almost everything from composing the majority of his own music, playing instruments, mixing, mastering, artwork & videos.

    His official debut came in 2004 on 12" inch single "The Product" alongside DJPager & Danny Breaks. Shortly after that same year he made his producer debut on Concentration Camps 12" inch single "Check Da Broadcast".

    in 2005 he established the Hornz Of Jericho Soundsystem with JT of Kibir La Amlak. He was putting on regular events, performing at events like speakers corner in Brixton and hosting the Big Smoke Radio Show with Dirty Harry from Big Smoke Magazine.

    He worked with the Concentration Camp until "2006" when they released the well recieved full length album "Aslan Presents.. The Concentration Camp pt1" which featured Beretta 9 & Shogun Assassin of Wu-Tangs Killarmy alongside Members of the Camp.

    His next installments came in the form of various collaborations between 2006-2011, featuring on tracks alongside members of Wu Tang Clan (Sunz Of Man, Gravediggaz, Killarmy, Black Knightz, Maccabeez, Wizemen, Deadly Venoms) Diggin In The Crates (DITC), X-Clan, 25 to Life, Mood & Many More.

    In 2007 Aslan met with Killah Priest who brought him into the "MACCABEEZ" family. In 2011 he unveiled the video for "The Book Of Shadowz" featuring Killah Priest. The video was shot and edited by award winning director Luke Biggins who also handled Aslans 2nd video "The Black Magician, This time featuring Stamina Li, the ragga muffin mic man from Hornz of Jericho & Kibir La Amlak soundsystems on the chorus.

    2012 saw the the 1st releases from Aslans long await collection of compilations. This includes the French Legion, Latin Quarterz, 12 Jewelz AUS & The Hornz Of Jericho. Each project has a video directed by Aslan himself and 3 singles which are available on Itunes. These saw Aslan alongside some of the finest artists from the global underground Hiphop scene, including Brad Strut & Kings Koneckted (Australia) Wira Zakariens, Piloophaz, Da Pro (France), Buitre Zamuro, Lady Yaco & Don Ksen (Latin America/Africa) & many more.

    since his 1st international show in 2007 Aslan has returned to europe each year, performing at live events and on numerous radio shows, and has warmed the stage for Wutang artists. Killah Priest and recently Freeman of I'AM in Lyon.

    After putting in some serious work over the last few years Aslans main focus now is to complete the mission of gettings all these projects finalized and out to the publics ears. In 2012 he was featured on the Hornz Of Jericho 7inch Vinyl “Rebel Scriptz” produced by Berlins Snake vs Crane. and went on to produce part 2 which also had a video.

    He most recently featured alsongside AG of the legendary D.I.T.C (diggin in the crates) for an IBMCs exclusive which he also produced.

    So whats next? Stay tuned for

    new 3 track 12 inch single "PARADOX" produced by Snake vs Crane & Aslan, each track with a video...

    4 full length Aslan Presents compilations

    The long awaited ep with Killah Priest and The ever illusive "BLACK MAGICIAN"

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    but i guess yall already knew about that project huh?........

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    Default *NEW 2014* Paradise Ft. Kinetiks (Concentration Camp)

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    12jewels germany comin soon...

    Aslan - nuffa dem ft. d2ogma (berlin)


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