Philippine Typhoon, silverback/gorilla monsoon
Quake force of nature, Richter scale measured
Geological natural phenomenon, wage war icon
Demigod spirit, idolizing knees bent in worship
Baptized with empowerment and immortalized
Horus falconry hawker, hallowed water-walker
Egypt Pharaoh highly-regarded, Moses stature
Ecstatically cult-like esteem of religious figures
Tiny, furious and lethal, Vegas mega-fights idol
Life-threatening intensity without many equals
Top Rank general promoted to eternal marshal
Fistic Pinoy wonder pugilist in gladiatorial tryst
Video-game action hero dynamic with fatal aim
Julius Caesar combative leader, crowd-pleaser
Bloodsportís 1st and only 8-Division belt-holder
Catastrophe warner, mover of Bobby Boulders
Birth in abject poverty in district of Sarangani
Lord forsaken in suspension by umbilical cord
Troublemaker sleeping on pieces of cardboard
Lice spliced, living on rice porridge and dry ice
Immorality raised with black market mentality
Indigenous lifestyle, guile smile turned hostile
Self-possessed in degraded soil and oppressed
Rabble-rousing warrior in wars worth fighting
Starving sub-zero wolf in black sheep clothing
Paramilitary mind, cerebral beast unconfined
Heart of a lion, Apedemak on apex of Mt. Zion
Blood of a soldier, born hoplite warfare fighter
In battle mode wearing phalanx tactical armor
Aspis battleshield and pyro tear gas canisters
Stone Age cavalier with cervical smear spears
Serial killer culture fluent spreading venereal
Hearns hit-man reckless with a license to kill
Ill-will with skills to make burgundy fluid spill
Appetite of fierce savage, regime prophetic age
Warlock unleashed acute rage, Lucifer lineage
Satanic meat-lover yearning to lick blood drips
Diabolical square-circle carnivorous marsupial
Stocky and muscular with low center of gravity
Building-site size head/neck allows strong bite
Prominent canines, hyena jaw disunite spines
Barb-wire bristle incisors chew through gristle
Uncontainable brutality provokes criminalities
Smell of rankled blood excites inflamed nostrils
Raging Bull violence, LaMotta ring prominence
Potent armament of arms race, relentless pace
Annihilate anything that bears a grizzly name
Military militant trained to maim in war games
Master of ring cataclysm, unemotional cruelty
Dreaded like undertakers do virus hepatitis C
Feared like morticians with Creutzfeldt-Jakob
PED accused, drug in mud of a dragonís blood
Grim Reaper style, black ensemble and a smile
Crimson stained eyes release flames of disdain
Stone Medusa terror, snake heads decapitator
Predator thrilled, Man vs. Wild like Bear Grylls
Hostile-sound wildlife like Australian Outback
Python angle of attack in an Anaconda habitat
Rigidly vicious prospering in bloody insurgency
Raucous atmosphere, blood mingled with tears
State of mind scandal, labeled cultural vandal
Too Sharp, mark of Johnson south-paw sniper
Bomb striker detonates jaws like Roy Scheider
UFO far-fetched, Close Encounters of 3rd Kind
Upper limbs travel to speed of Einsteinís mind
Forces swing high-haste, galactic cosmic rays
Fistic bricks attached to wrists lightning quick
Fast attack, 2-minute drill black quarterbacks
Transonic sound barrier faulty condom broken
Abilities are Herculean, virtual combat traininí
Raptor footwork of dexterous high-wire walkers
Fists fast like Josey Wales trigger-happy finger
Mongoose hand-speed, precision of stampedes
Drone-destroying lasers carve opaque glaciers
Revenge-style rampages, fusillade of punches
Al-Nusra fightiní prowess will batter Al-Qaeda
Sunni Islamist berserk, militia terror network
Lockerbie bomber, bodies spread like Dahmer
Nighttime vulture, heated infrared equipment
Nocturnal huntsman put on earth to torment
Shannon Sharpe psyche slashes minds apart
Thermal image darts split skulls in pitch dark
Bioelectricity wave force used as power source
Polar shields thawed out in blaziní battlefields
Debunked blistered like self-immolatiní monks
Scud seek-missiles launched by ballistic fleets
Ambition bombardment till thereís submission
Blunt head trauma, bludgeoned remains grim
Slaughtered chins, too ghastly for open coffins
Unraveled senses, De La Hoya cocaine binges
Ricky Hatton faces of demise left with glitches
John walls raze, Morrison doors fly off hinges
Blood-splattered one-sided 24 hr-long battles
Pit-bull off chain like slaves after unshackled
Running amok with plague-polluted squirrels
Able to chew thru thickness of coaxial cables
Devour domes till they become carbon bones
Gastrointestinal tracts slit, sphincters ripped
Enemy turned to road-kill specifically to eat it
Willful wanton vandalism, ritual cannibalism
Bloodshed after bombing Ted Kaczynski shed
Utter destruction from the ambush predation
Cruel coercion, exothermic nuclear ambitions
Ice-water in arteries cold method of execution
Pastings lethal like Kevorkian immunizations
Thumps break more than oneís concentration
Stone Age mayhem sanguinary penal systems
Cruel beatings caught like nymphos do semen
Boxing boots blown like army troops in Beirut
Slugfests where spines get blown thru chests
Grills massive leak like Exxon Valdez oil spills
Flesh shreds the size of Tyra Banksí forehead
Vicodin slingshots in veins couldn't ease pain
Dust grinder excision macerates rivals visions
Square-miles of piles dissected Zapruder-style
Vile surgeries, Roswell Area 51 alien autopsies
Cracked orbit sockets, lens pulled out pockets
Porous faces stare through one eye like Horus
Margarito desperado foes shepherd to gallows
Disfigured injured animals put out to pasture
Brandon Rivers surge was altered to a puddle
Bam Bamís mug was turned to Barney rubble
Iron-like Flintstone knuckled and he chuckled
Scuttled power punches befuddled the mental
NASA baffled after blast of Challenger shuttle
Combustible accuracy detonated consistently
Combat caliber ammunition caused explosion
Trademark combinations flew at The Venetian
Tasmanian Pacquiao beast feasted in Macau