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Thread: Section Therapy Session 2 : The Straightjacket Removed

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    Default Section Therapy Session 2 : The Straightjacket Removed

    Mr. Schiffer Counsels The Sheepish Lord Of Chaos
    :The Straightjacket Removed:
    =- Session 2 -=

    [Session 1 Link]


    In the depths of the my mental’s lair
    Shines my psychosis, and true focus/
    Binds minds beyond the two souls
    Lay a cold, carless individual calling himself simply “L”/
    Agent of autocracy annotated optional bagger
    Chip layer brick sawyer carrying around notices/
    Challenged panels came down on camera angles
    Became angels had to be followed by Light’s pest, pet that dam Shinigami/
    Went back classes as usual getting schools well
    Teach thought process in how I watch these/
    Give into their thesis watch each of them eat a piece of recees
    Comparable had no love interest until I might this
    Comparable lady simply named “A”/
    She got me hearts ached in farts
    Damaged smarts had me watch anime/
    Drawn in disarray press play guess who’s game
    Shonen jump crazy chess pieces by how many “death notes” written/
    Air-quotes preceded our long chats over inter-webs
    Slang doctrine approximated intoxicated/
    She had supple breast tissue, love to caress her tits
    Nibbling nob gobbling time toggle on and off switch/
    Cell phone rings felt her ejaculate in operation
    Pop computerization mechanized animate how I operate/
    Booking rooks laying down knights and bishops
    As I take what she took, breakthrough in big bangs
    Like the universe was simply created in one day/
    Slave over beats like hot plate
    Menthol temputere takes faded fakes
    Cash point be life point dealt by battle cards/
    I battle hard, focused my time on her natural beauty
    Love her love for things we both love, I THINK I’m in a relapse/
    Doctor in progress this was all a delusion of my mind
    Blinded by what I wanted and lusted for, am really in a mental ward/

    Sheepish Lord....Your Thoughts Are Pure A Force For Sure
    What's More Ignore What You See As Remorseless Torture
    Death Note - Chess Quotes Confessed....Whatever's Next?
    A Test Of Faith Only Time Well Tell You The Truth I Guess?
    Unless U Belive Me When I Say I'm Evenwhers In The Flesh
    Evenwhers Than The Best - I'm Evenwhers Than You I Bet!
    But It Just So Happens That I Am Sitting Here In This Chair
    And Then There's You Who's Lying In Fear Way Down There
    Although I Believe Your Absurd Words : For The Truth Hurts
    And To Me It's Clear That You Are In Despair But Not Cursed
    But You Know - It's A Shame I Fell You Pain I Too Am Insane!
    The Only 1 THE MASON could get To Interview You I'm Afraid
    Your Brainwaves Been Swayed By This Woman's Strange Gaze
    Betrayed By The Lord Of Illusion But It Was I Who Confused Him
    Perfection Portrayed Surviving Executions Defying Early Graves
    The Section Decayed I'm Trying To Resurrect It Simple & Plain
    I'm Here To Navigate You Through This Cave Inside Your Brain
    So We Can Bring Back The Good Old Days So Please Be Brave
    Now That We've Got That Out The Way....Sheepish, This “A”
    Let Me Ask If I May What Anime Did She Show You That Day?

    The anime she’d showed me was entitled “Death Note”
    I aptly quoted from the stair cases I emoted/
    Days in the dark they imprisoned me with a spark
    Shaded sharks, dark waters I paddled
    My way toward oceans unbeknownst to me/
    Choked on a novice answer
    Like “who am I” and why did you call me “L”/
    So I spoke in leisure pleasure was the usher
    I author torture, thought I was back in town for a Section 9 reunion/
    Weren’t we in the asylum together?
    Weren’t we tougher than leather? /
    Weren’t we authors that taught cha to think thinner than paint thinner
    A winners always circling my drive ways/
    By the way I’m known as the nexus
    And they referred me to you doctor/

    Sheepish Wait....
    As I Said Before....I Am The Only One Who Would Take The Case
    You Think That Happened By Chance Come On Son We're Cellmates
    Set It Straight I've Reports To Hand In & They Hate It When I'm Late
    I Only Know That Only I Can Make Your Eyes See The Show 4 What It Is
    I'm Here To Help You Escape This Place - Like Morpheus In The Matrix
    A Dreamworld Tortuous & Ageless Stuck In Wonderland's Displacement
    But This Fortress Is Distorted Filled With The Traces Of Faceless Agents
    They Blurred Your Reality When Brave Slaves Became Mistaken Sadists :
    Their Technology's On Some Shapeless Spaceship Shit Beyond Dangerous
    Your Mind Holds The Key To This Yet To Be Seen Misery Unknown Idenity
    Told You That You Were Ryuzaki Elegant Measurements Don't You See?
    Cos They Blindfolded You Then Moulded You For Their Supreme Scheme
    You Scream Reaching The Outer Limits The Mind Taken To The Extreme
    Soul's Awoken By My Dreams Evoking Knowing That Its Not All It Seems
    Please Belive It's Coming Off At The Seams Indeed You Wish To Proceed?
    Then By All Means....

    Faced off in slow motion, thought the matrix was alive and ticking
    Speech impaled fierce veils get impaled by my own wounds
    Glass cased my heart, shattered it cuz it was necessary
    To come back to life, had to start from the bottom
    Scratched and clawed my way back to the mountain
    Faced a drink, a bottle is like portable fountain
    Shake the shades off the vision quest start
    Then I see a spark like another shot in the dark
    Faded darkness, seen bleak of lights
    Drought drops left me alone attached
    Unchained roaming the bedrock terrain
    Toasted by how I throw the fit
    The orderals carried me from the jeep
    Back to the chair where I sat and weaped
    River been cried towers been shined
    Lights made me blind, and deaf
    As I came back onto the screen
    Roaring back to the scene
    Like Godzilla vs Mothra
    I think they need a dosage
    Of their own contra with any mantra

    This Is The Last Lyllabye Where Death & Sleep Barter!
    Lord Of Chaos They're Moking Your Ability Like "Ba Ba"
    The Black Sheep No Longer Sleeps No Peace There After
    Awakened & Aware Due To Their Evil & Feeble Laughter
    And Now Your Heart's Prepared The Darts We've Shared
    Yeah - Trapped Inside Nightmares Shooting Lyrical Flares
    Invisible Stares Ears Of The Wolf They Listen To Prayers....
    Oh Contraire But Beware This Is No Magic No Abracadabra
    You Sitting On The Devil's Lap Sheepish That Ain't Santa
    Clause Contracts In The Presence Of Cloaks & Daggers :
    Where They Feast Upon Sadness Their Method Is Madness
    Unpleasant Aparatus : Puppet Strings Lift You Off Canvas
    I've Seen The Blueprints So Please Try And Understand This
    They'll Abuse You Till Your Bones Are Broken No Point Hoping
    It Will Continue Till Every Word Is Spoken Soul Anouite Awoken
    They'll Put You Back Together With Glue Ready For Round 2!
    Though Unfortunately We've No Time To Continue Or Proceed
    But I Believe Session 3 Is In Need....

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    this was magnificent
    i can see the visuals
    fkn naaasty ya'll


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