apparently Robby agrees to a 10 year, $240 mil deal. But there is a physical pending before it can be finalized.

As a Yankee fan, I'm not upset about his departure. Instead of that ridiculous 310 mil for 10 years mistake we could have made, we could up our rotation and also our lineup.

The Mariners finally stood up for themselves after so many failed attempts to snag a superstar. Incl. Prince Fielder, Josh Hamilton and David Price. And they have arguably the best second baseman who is a definite all-star and one of the best bats in their lineup to provide stability and leadership to their young roster.

But 10 years? This is one of the most infamous mistakes that teams make in baseball. He's already past 30 years old.

But all in all, the Yankees are now placed in front of new open doors, one of the most in-need teams in baseball have one of the most wanted players on their roster, and I like the Mariners as a team, so in my opinion. I think this deal was good for far.