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Thread: Get rich or die tryin

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    "you're like a god to me"..........."son...i am god"

    as far as good movies go, it was whatever, as far as 1/2 decent rappers in "cash-in" movies.....it was good.

    he's a shit actor, you would've thought, with him playing the same character on screen as he does on record, that he would've been more convincing.

    watched it a few times, didnt waste my money on it, my friend got a bootleg of it.

    to all the people saying, its over the top, its not real, 50 himself said on MTV the other day, that the movie is only 60-70% accurate to his life, the rest is there for entertainments sake.

    main thing i didnt like about the flick was the homo-eroticism, him and his crew wandering round his appartment butt-ass, going in shower (morning after party scene), and all that male bonding in the prison shower scene, i know shit like that happens, and probably happened to him, but dam, would you really want to shoot a scene with like 5 other dudes all butt naked and grabbing each other up, hell no i wouldnt.

    the best things about the flick = soundtrack, that bitch that plays his girl, and the bitch that plays his mama.

    i'm saying this flicks a ghetto 8 mile, dont watch it tryna get info & history on 50, watch it for entertainment value, the more you expect from it, the more you'll be dissapointed.

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    Why'd you guys watch this movie if you don't like fiddy cent? You guys just heard you'd get a glimpse of fiddy cent's baby dick?

    If I wanted to watch people sell crack I'd walk down to the five points

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