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Thread: Happy WU Year (RARE WU AUDIO INSIDE)

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    Default Happy WU Year (RARE WU AUDIO INSIDE)

    Ayo, Happy New Year every one. Got some RARE wu-audio. Some might have, but not many undoubtedly.

    Gravediggaz 6ft deep clean version

    United Kingdom tracks from Dj Grey Boy

    Shabazz - Conscious of Sin (Cassette)

    GFK Supreme Clientele singles

    RZA/suga bang bang Cakes/dont test Single

    WU LP Samplers

    contains snippet of the original version of big dogs by red/mef

    RZA - japanese interview from as bobby digital in stereo

    LA the Darkman - Glory

    Gravediggaz - Michael Jackson Skit (sorry cilvaringz)

    Method Man - Play IV keeps original

    Wu-Tang Clan - After the Laughter. Better quality than most Sounds like its from cassette. Can hear Tape Hiss


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    yeahhyeayh!!! peace brotha!

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