- Walmart manager, in quest to stop Bud Light theft, winds up going on a 15-mile ride in the back of the thieves’ truck

Earlier this week, a man and a woman walked into a Titusville, Florida Walmart. They loaded up a shopping cart with 12 cases of beer and then startedwalking it out toward their truck in the store’s parking lot.

As WRDQ/WFTV Eyewitness News reports, that’s when store manager Mike Dawson steps into the story. Suspicious of the pair, he asked them for, “…a receipt and they kept throwing beers into their car.” They began to back up their truck with Mike behind it. Not wanting to get run over, he decided to jump on in.

WKMG Local 6 News reports that despite a Walmart manager joining their stolen beer in the truck, the thieves took off, speeding miles away from the store. They wound up making two stops.

Along the way, Mr. Dawson started throwing beer cans out of the back, in an attempt to get the attention of other drivers, hoping for some kind of help. And, as WESH 2 News reports , help did arrive in the form of veteran Dave Stewart.

Mr. Stewart told the station, “I’m not going to pass anybody that’s screaming, you know, for their life, for help. No matter what the circumstance is. I’m just that type of person, I am.” Stewart showed his sidearm to the suspects, and they took off, leaving Dawson with Stewart.

Police say the unidentified suspects are still at large and Walmart has not given a statement regarding the incident.

Dawson told WRDQ, “One time, they tried to beat me up, and I fought with them and lost my glasses. The second time was like in the back woods somewhere, I’m like, ‘I’m not getting out for you run me over.’”