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Thread: ASSMEN made this Jewish chic famous

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    Default ASSMEN made this Jewish chic famous

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    Nice ass indeed.

    Lol at her not wanting to attend public gyms due to all the attention but she posts ass shots for attention. She doesn't show her face. Maybe she's ugly? Regardless if the bitch is ugly, her ass is good. Just her ass and nothing more.
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    I don't want to put the effort in to meeting women Call it $600 a month and that's just $300 a fortnight out of my pay, so what? I get to fuck top of the line 10/10 sluts and not deal with the other bullshit that comes with women
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    That's why I really can't fuck with escorts. They're just fucking you cause you paid them so that's wack, they cost money, only seem like a good idea before you nut

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    Nothing wrong with her face btw.

    Attractive female narcissists usually give the funniest, childish statements when pressed about their exhibitionist behavior.

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    She has an epic body, but lol her comment on public gyms is a bit retarded.

    Its one thing I have noticed more and more at the gym, girls have moved away from the cardio equipment and spend more time doing squats and even dead lifts.

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