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Thread: Is there a reason people dislike Immobilarity?

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    Had this album in whip since this thread started and like I said it sounds like an album made for now instead of when it first dropped. Other than 8D it might be the most unappreciated.

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    Copped this album when it first came out,, and like most people here i was looking for that Wu-Element production.. And I was soooo disappointed, but being a fan of Raekwon
    I still found bangers on the album.
    Yae Yo Casablanca
    100 Rounds Fuck Them
    Live From New York My Favorite Dred
    Friday The table
    Sneakers Jury..

    At the time, all we wanted was Wu-Production...still do..
    but these guys don't listen to fans
    Snypa LG

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