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    Default Violator's crater!

    My nu book of rhyme....
    I rebel against the devil
    I'm rocking against the pebble,
    I'm rocking this fucking mic
    Despite the bass and the treble.
    They sounding like Erin Nebel
    Letting the steam out the kettle,
    Adjust the fkn level
    Put 14 k on the bezel
    Cuz of...
    The wave of my format
    I'm braver with no gat,
    The beat is just so fat
    tallest nigga just fall flat,
    Arm swing and the skull crack
    Pound fist up with no dap,
    Cock back and the gun clap
    Ya mutha fuckaz dont know jack,
    Ya spittin out soft raps
    We killin up all rats,
    In the form of his boom bap
    Gorilla Monsoons back,
    Gorilla Monsoon back?
    In the form of this boom bap!!
    In the form of this boom bap!!
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