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Thread: Shyheim interview with thisis50.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaolinDarts View Post
    This thread took a turn for the worse.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Sky Blue Bally Kid, what's funny about guys being raped in prison? That ain't funny. It's sick and disgusting.
    I was not saying I condone raep or find it funny, I was saying I can't believe the balls on that interviewer to ask him to his face with a smile on his face whether he got raeped in prison.

    Learn what sarcasm is, right after you learn what paragraphs are please...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Blue Bally Kid View Post

    learn what paragraphs are please...
    Please Charles.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigKing.nl View Post

    God doesn't exist.
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
    The utter stupidity in this thread is astounding.
    I don't know what to say....it's all there.

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