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    I can't remember the last movie I've seen that was this complex to follow. The first hour I was trying to figure out the point of everything. It just seemed like one pointless scene after another. None of the script retained into memory. I re-read the plot summary a handful of times during that point in the movie to try to help me understand what I was watching. It's the type of movie that you probably have to watch twice to fully pick up on everything and link scenes together. A couple of times the camera was fixated on an actor talking for over 5 minutes and the dialogue went in one ear and out the other.

    A lot of big name cameos and actors/actresses that faded away in Hollywood like Rosie Perez in this movie. Also, a lot of pretty faces and ass shots (for CJ). I don't really care for Cameron Diaz but she was absolutely smoking in this movie. Link. I don't even know if this was a stunt-double but the twerking scene on the hood of the car was hot. High-definition sure shows the wrinkles forming though and the butterface under all that makeup. Emma Rigby was also smoking in her short scenes. Javier Bardem was the only memorable character. Due to the revolving door of characters, it was hard to connect how they all intermixed. Too many characters and not enough build up in my view.

    If you asked me to name a Ridley Scott movie, I couldn't name one but looking back on his movies, he seems over-rated to me. I don't know if it was the script to blame or the directing, but the movie was average at best. Perhaps, the timing of this movie was bad as it was around the suicide death of his brother and that may have played a factor as it lacked focus. The motorcycle scene and Brad Pitt at the end was the best action clips of the movie.

    Anyone else follow this storyline or like the movie?

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    The Counselor sucked and i was bored. Cameron Diaz is hot and the scene when she did a split on Javier's car and she was fucking his car was funny LOL.

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