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    I eat with the family tho, cause my Old Earth know how to cook.

    Its all about family right?

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    Man, thanks for that. Its sickening the amount of times the White man has freaked and butchered natives, its the brutal race..

    This reminds me of another celebration of mass murder that the general population THINKS is celebrating something good. In Spain they have something just as big as thanksgiving to celebrate when the Moors were defeated.

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    Will you bring some information on that event?
    If you dig it up i'll read it.


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    Peace Decipha

    Very good thread...that's a hell of a dose of reality for those who get swept up in the lie of American holidays.

    I can't even relate to my family on holidays. They be so into that bullshit. I just stay away. It's sad, but true


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    I Never Liked Thanksgiving Cuz Of It Being Bullshit I Remember I Got Suspended From School Cuz I Was Like America Honors A Dinners With The Natives But Never
    Talks About How They Rape Them For There Land Right After Thats Like A Judge Telling A Date Rape Victim To Only Remember The Great Time And Meal They Had Early
    They Did Not Like When I Said That But Being White They Don't Like The Truth Alot
    But I Do Eat With My Fam And Thank God For Havinh Them But Fuck The Reason Most
    Other People Have It

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