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    Trailer looks rather boring. An entire movie shot in a car. Kind of reminds me of Phone Booth, as this movie is rather short too. The movie has a high rating so there must be more too it than the trailer lets on (of course).

    I have yet to watch a Tom Hardy movie that I even realize he's in it. I guess I've only seen Inception and Batman and should be checking out Bronson and Warrior to see what all the fuss is about.

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    Tom Hardy was Picard's clone in Star Trek Nemesis.
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    ok ive been saying this for too fucking long....Lawless is Tom Hardy's illest role. check this scene....

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    Did anyone watch this?

    I gave it an attempt for 45 minutes but his accent is unbearable. So, boring just watching someone answer calls in a car.

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    ^Yes! Great film! I'll admit, I feel asleep but I enjoyed. Tom Hardy is brilliant (To be honest, I watch this film every night before I fall asleep.)

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    Imo the best movie ever shot in one place was The Sunset Limited.

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