Post graphite timed outta tight timers
Slide through the u-verse like those phones lines at their worst
Driven like static cling through chemical alga rhythm
Casablanca Armageddon renegade
Come off the cliff without the cascade
Chastise tapestry bring me to your majesty
Pageantry magician speak wisdom through carpel tunnel syndrome
Miracleís wake throws down ivy shackles
On those trying to street patrol my zone
Iím timer off the clock, driven by shock
Throw back more numbers than drivers in New Jersey
Blues traveling among-st the rebels
Iím on time table sync up vocals
Donít have the bark, the bite
The power to let the rhythm hit eím
Probing questions intentional errors
Get cha scantron sheets deleted like bad data packets
Ultra-fine like gold plates in your circuitry backing your processor
In all your hazy glory I mega up the story
Straddle time table multiplication
Technical data, had no occupation
Congreve in those nations where factions
Are multiplicities shining dividing by time?
Busted lunar eclipses, soon tides shift
Floods eclipse the earthís tectonic plates moving
Problematic clones get shown in the ring
Time after time, matches get won
Songs get sung, kings get crowned and god get thrown off thrones
Where tombs were stones chose in clothes werenít sewn

Strike those whose battling boxers
Without hit boxes like potent street fighter
White lighter, battle my ships
With cherry blossoms
See how rain flows
In space and time
Its how the sun shines
Grits, grime, the hard in the pain