Trade mark the technique
Itís oblique and unique
It pokes ya, it prods ya
It trolls ya with cha own move set
Roost in the nest; pester ya like a Tesla engine
Get cha to the next dimension
By sending you there like overnight delivery
Suspend end cha tempered rain
Dominated by pain
Operate doppelgangers
Aim low slave to the system
Speak through ventricles
Leaving more holes less symmetrical
Peter rolls trolls in my opposing penmanship
Speed through the levels without grinding
Time out cha timers when the clock
Strikes twelve put her glass slipper back on
Frog prinking symbolic sipping
Drip through the navel
Pulling out the Kane and Able
Level the playing field
Swordsman appeal
Shift and control
Metropolis cold colossus
Been through the chill
Built to topple those
Mop and glow
You ainít got any soul leftÖyou wish
Catch a DS to the VS itís just BS
You canít see no less when you havenít even invested

This is how miniaturize ya rhymes
And shuffle ya darts back into ya laptop or ya knapsack
Hit cha with consonance, iron it out
With a break beat or heat rocks
Ya know how the jams in the park rock
This is how we travel though space & time