Verse versions photosynthesis reasonable thesis
Complicated genesis presented to this panel
Equal emphasis presented to these prestigious guest
none the less, ingest evidence in leviathan segments
Optimal illusion confusion persuasion
Immersed in fusion summoning
While you exceed past expectations
Trying synchronizing your lives
Drive hives past silverís cries
Feature this unique physique
Oblique those pictorialís in motion
Shutter a mountain, raised a fountain
Closed captioned matched in a den of rivers
Slow vein, old lane closed cane
Chose clones over those loaned
Get owned by posers chosen to fake out losers
Get cruising in the USA
Manipulated lames
Leave you indebted to me like the first Hokage
Rapidly laying bricks in those mackerelís
You ainít even revolving in my cosmos
You ainít even revolving in my classes
Get cha past on like VD
Your flow as an MC is DC instead an AC voltage
You ainít even PC you still ainít no MCA
Trying to be on MCAís label
Put cha light works back in the box
This light ainít brighter than the solar system
Speak it in wisdom, dominance
Omnibus most books in hooks
Look left, pride cha self-right
In too deep tonight we write bibles with coded variables
And changed names to protect those we care for
Itís another day in a heroís life

Programmable doctrine, inoculate cha proxy servers
You ainít word enthusiast you're just illogic illusionist
This is how we speak in topics, drop dropletís
Calm the mind, keep it calm like water