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Thread: Lumenize

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    Default Lumenize

    Potent principles posing in chemicals
    Hide through the looking glass
    Clone classes past through the moon
    Attack the sun, solar systems collapses
    When I make a star go nova, trying to be a good solider
    Throw domes off cliffs, asking me if I have rifts
    What a gift I can Flash Gordon without a rocket ship
    Slip through portal and enter another vortex
    And chose frozen realms as my hell I dwell in
    Predominate ominous vamoose flows random
    Hold floatation devices in place without a graviton matrix
    Leave you in states of suspended animation
    Infernal flame on like Johnny Storm
    Spit kick those trying plan for Armageddon
    Been in ciphers with those asking if I knew much
    Rolled a Dutch, planted myself back in the ground
    Watch me bloom like a flower with photosynthesis
    Apprentice this like Darth Vader
    Reach the climax, end cha with an axe
    Making those get focused without points I anointed
    When points ain’t end up in the local area network
    They disconnect from it while those they’ve been around plummet
    Is it enough for you stomach and digest it
    I can address without complicated plots
    Script you allot, driven a pen through the heart
    Shown how I mighty morph without Zordon
    Get cha goggles on without google your just a Commissioner Gordon
    I’m Batman without the gadgets and money
    Still serving villain’s and rappers alike
    And kick ass just call me “Big Daddy”
    Nick Cage pitch a rage, fits of fame
    Leave you diluted without being solvent
    Just like state of our economy

    Lumenize, just open up your eyes
    And gaze at the sky
    And remember to walk the path of heaven
    And become the ruler of all

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    Sick shit i like the batman line the most n the comissioner gordon line before shits ill good read

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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