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Thread: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin/museum tour/1 copy of album

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonelli View Post
    The concept will flop so hard....And Cilvaringz will always be remembered and for eternity as a dick. From day one.

    The guy want to be famous so bad that he found this publicity stunt, write a full biography of himself on wikipedia few days before the forbes article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cilvaringz
    and take all wu-tang and RZA credits for his own purpose : be famous.

    damn bra, u really got it in for cilva,

    gotta admit i dont think cilva has EVER had this much publicity.

    kill it.

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    Everyone round my parts thinks this is the new wu tang/ABT LP, way to go rza

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    This sure does receive lots of attention.

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    I agree that only rich people should get to hear what Wu Tang sounds like these.

    Meth said it at the end of A Better Tomorrow:

    "But envy, greed, lust, and hate, separate
    Though the devil mind state blood kin cannot relate
    No longer, brothers, we unstable
    Like Kane when he slew Abel, killing each other"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cilvaringz View Post
    Furthermore, look at how much press we generated with this one article today. This has been unreal. The writer of Forbes Zack Greenberg got a congratulations from the head honchos at Forbes for an incredible story, calling it "an extraordinaire coup for Forbes".

    The article, which I believe is still number one at Most Popular Articles on Forbes was getting 10.000 unique reads per hour and then went up even more. They told us it was equal to Grammy Awards / Super Bowl Halftime / Justin Bieber stories. As far as numbers go, that's incredible. Not just for me, but for the Wu, the brand.
    They were talking about this shit on the radio at work tonight, in Australia. I didn't really catch any of it, but yeah, it's obviously being discussed pretty widely.

    However, none of that is worth a shit, because none of those cunts talking about it or listening to other cunts talk about it are actually gonna go and pay to sit in a museum and listen to it.

    It doesn't matter what your motivations are, it's a really shithouse, unappealing idea to sit in a museum and pay a lot of money to listen to an album once, at your will, and then not get to hear it again until it's somehow leaked on the internet. And believe me, it will be leaked, somehow, probably very quickly.

    And how's it gonna work anyway? You play the shit straight through and the listeners have no control over pausing it or anything? Sounds like torture. What if you need to take a shit? Do you just miss out on a few tracks?

    I don't think you're doing this shit for money. It'd be fucken stupid because it's not gonna generate money at all. And I don't think you're doing it for fame either. In fact I actually believe your motivations are genuine as you present them, but you're still asking people to pay a lot of money to listen to an album once, which no matter how you defend it is gonna come off as being enormously pretentious and unreasonable.

    People might be talking about Wu-Tang now, but who gives a fuck? Their time is well and truly passed. Like well over a decade ago. Those same fags will be talking about whatever else is cool next week, and Wu-Tang will go back to being exactly what it has been for the last decade, and Cilvaringz will be travelling the globe sitting in empty museums asking himself "what the fuck was I thinking?"

    "Pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women's bodies and souls; rape, battery, incest, and prostitution animate it; dehumanization and sadism characterize it; it is war on women, serial assaults on dignity, identity, and human worth; it is tyranny."

    -Andrea Dworkin

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    Seems like something Kanye would have planned, but while at the same time seriously believing in it within his version of reality, Cilva seems to be saying its all for publicity. That's pretty cheap.

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    i hope ABT being wack doesnt interfere with this concept... like ppl playing ABT thinking "thats it, im done with wutang"

    maybe u should ask Rza to push that shit back for a year or 2..

    also ppl are getting These 2 Albums confused, like mentioned

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    There's 2 albums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost In The 'Lac View Post
    There's 2 albums?
    A Better Tomorrow is the actual Wutang album and is getting released normally.

    The one with only one copy is Cilvaringz' Wutang album

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    Post Just FYI - the "single copy" album has been done before...


    Music for Supermarkets (Musique pour Supermarché) is a 1983 album of instrumental electronic music by Jean-Michel Jarre. It is notable for having only a single copy pressed, and the subsequent, deliberate destruction of its master plates, effectively making the copy unique.

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    Well congratulations on this being a Wu-Tang album. Your idea might be interesting, but this shit is a disgrace. Ofcourse people are not going to look at it from the positive side, because chances are no one will hear it. You said this album would definitely get physical copies, both CD and vinyl. Whether this happens in the future or not, you are causing a lot of confusion and asking for patience but you fail to fulfil your promises.

    Remember this album being for the fans? Asking our input and all that, but in the end you will sell this to the highest bidder. If the fans want to hear it they should have a lot of money to hear it just once in a place that YOU chose? What do you think Tarik that all of the Wu-Tang fans are rich? I remember reading, listening and watching hiphop being there for the poor. You want to bring it back to those days but ask this amount of money so the fans can hear it? I want to blast music through my speakers at home or a place I choose myself with the equipment that I want.

    Even if a label chooses to buy this and release it, there was always the chance that a rich motherfucker would buy this and wouldn't share it with the rest of the world. The music might be for the fans, but your idea absolutely isn't for the fans.

    Music isn't just art, it's also a form of freedom.

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    this battle rap cat Daylyt also sold only 1 physical copy of his Quill Album... sold it for a 1000$... after that he just released the digital for free..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kemetian_Warrior View Post
    Anybody who pays to listen to this shit needs to die.

    This is the most pretentious thing that's ever happened in music. And for what? A fucking bunch of no-hopers from the ghetto who don't actually have any musical talent (well maybe Rza), and wouldn't even know a C from a G or what a key is. It actually makes me angry how ridiculous and pretentious this is. I really would like to spit on anybody who pays to hear this shit. Acting like a fucking bunch of bums kicking simple rhymes over samples of music that somebody else wrote and played is some sort of sacred fucking art. Get over yourselves for fucks sake.

    I'm not having a go at hip hop as a whole. I appreciate and enjoy it for what it is. I don't pretend these guys are real musicians though. The thing is, even if Radiohead or Nick Drake or somebody had pulled some shit like this I would be incensed at how pretentious it is.

    Fuck I hope this fails as miserably as you'd surely expect it to.
    what the fuck is this racist bullshit? get this pussy off the board clearly not even a hip hop fan

    LOL @ Antonelli acting like hes 6. some of yall are a disgrace lmao
    poppa large, big shot on the east coast..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SL33 View Post
    This sure does receive lots of attention.
    Today's newspaper, tomorrow's fish and chips wrapper
    Bushido is realised in the presence of death.
    This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death.
    There is no other reasoning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CL2coming View Post
    Bold move, didn't see it coming. I like it. Will be very interesting to see what the purchaser decide to do with it.

    Could be a rich eccentric wu-head who buys it and never shares it with anyone.... making it the album people talk/speculate about for years, but never get to hear....

    Or could be a lable/company who use it for some kind of promo (a la Samsung with Jay-Z).

    Either way, the point of the project being released this way (so far as I can tell) isn't to rip off fans by charging $50 to hear the album once.... it's to make a statement about the music: Albums used to be special. A body of work to be appreciated and absorbed. Now things are so readily accessible and disposable - people don't appreciate the product as a piece of art.

    (Some albums don't deserve to be treated as art, but that's another debate altogether.)

    To Ringz: I say bravo. I hope you pull this off.
    A wise man told me don't argue with fools
    cause people from a distance can't tell who is who
    - Jay-Z

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