Blazing minds with cyanide pills
Driven lives off cliffs, trying to Tokyo drift
Split cha wig, with iced out bronze clits and liquid swords
Fire grips sideways shit sparking the fifth
Drift slit cha throat mostly dope
Depressed by the state of rap
Hip hop is where I rule a kingdom
Leave you Cumming like girl who ainít orgasms in ages
Off stages stone faced killer
CJ spill ya like rushing yards
Busting down a royal flush
Dusted off the hook, read more books
Donít just roll a dutch master
Smoke the whole spliff
Laying off the gift
Take a shit on the globe and make yíall wave the white flag
Shift into gear , drink one or two beers
Looks like ya forgot something
Think ya gearbox got tweaked off the oil spills
Get crushed finish eím like mortal combat
Harm that, farm that like a prison match
Probate roll dates over the fader
Jagged edges splice through ledges
Iím measuring sticks kicking the ballistics
Trying to connect it like four squares
Checking those kings for they queens
Spit through the machines
Mechanize operate in how I devise
Driven off the tracks
Ride the iron horse
Always training of course
Force my hand watch the sword blaze
And form like voltron
Bored bash them in like a broken television
Tell lies to your vision, make eím dumber than the water boy
Through with the obvious making copulating a bad compilation
Compile all the operations into statistics
Trying to predict what Iím a rhyme next
You ainít the weatherman; youíre just another leatherhead with lead
Get deaded optics think you can sight beyond sight this
Watch the angles and ask the angels

This is how we get down
With the Masked Assassin
Fatally capturing the flag
Throwing down in the squared circle
Wrestling with timed clocks, and elbows that drop
This the gauntlet, where those that pick last go first