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Thread: Which Doors album?

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    Default Which Doors album?

    To any Doors fan, which one of these best of The Doors would you pick? I have to make a choice and I don't know which one would be better.

    Disc: 1
    1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) Listen Listen 2. Back Door Man Listen Listen 3. Light My Fire Listen Listen 4. Twentieth Century Fox Listen Listen 5. The Crystal Ship Listen Listen 6. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) Listen Listen 7. Soul Kitchen Listen Listen 8. The End Listen Listen 9. Love Me Two Times Listen Listen 10. People Are Strange Listen Listen 11. When The Music's Over Listen Listen 12. My Eyes Have Seen You Listen Listen 13. Moonlight Drive Listen Listen 14. Strange Days Listen Listen 15. Hello, I Love You Listen Listen 16. The Unkown Soldier Listen Listen 17. Spanish Caravan Listen Listen 18. Five To One Listen Listen 19. Not To Touch The Earth Listen Listen Disc: 2
    1. Touch Me Listen Listen 2. Wild Child Listen Listen 3. Tell All The People Listen Listen 4. Wishful Sinful Listen Listen 5. Roadhouse Blues Listen Listen 6. Waiting For The Sun Listen Listen 7. You Make Me Real Listen Listen 8. Peace Frog Listen Listen 9. Love Her Madly Listen Listen 10. L.A. Woman Listen Listen 11. Riders On The Storm Listen Listen 12. The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) Listen Listen 13. The Changeling Listen Listen 14. Gloria Listen Listen 15. Celebration Of The Lizard Listen Listen


    1. Light My Fire
    2. Hello I Love You
    3. People Are Strange
    4. Love Me Two Times
    5. Touch Me
    6. Strange Days
    7. Spanish Caravan
    8. Moonlight Drive
    9. We Could Be So Good Together
    10. Unknown Soldier
    11. Queen Of The Highway
    12. Shaman's Blues
    13. W.A.S.P. (Texas Radio)
    14. L.A. Woman
    15. Whiskeys Mystics & Men
    16. Summer's Almost Gone
    17. You Are Lost Little Girl
    18. When The Music's Over
    19. No Me Moleste Mosquito
    20. Riders On The Storm
    21. Break On Through
    22. Roadhouse Blues
    23. Soul Kitchen
    24. Love Her Madly
    25. Alabama Song
    26. Peace Frog
    27. Waiting For The Sun
    28. Who Scared You
    29. Crystal Ship
    30. Wishful Sinful
    31. Love Street
    32. Wintertime Love
    33. Spy
    34. Back Door Man
    35. My Eyes Have Seen You
    36. Five To One
    37. End
    38. Exclusive Interview With Ray Manzarek
    *separated on two discs
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    Default Re: Which Doors album?

    The second one... the more the better.

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