ShaDynasty, you're the only faggot that disagrees with what i said. Jay-Z was underground when Reasonable Doubt came out. He became mainstream when he did In My Lifetime album. LL Cool J and Method Man are underground rappers. Just because they had some success on Def Jam, that doesn't make them mainstream rappers. If you listen to most of LL's songs, you would see that he's underground especially on his earlier albums Radio, Bigger and Deffer, Walking With A Panther. LL did a lot of hardcore songs earlier in his career. I think he became mainstream when he did that wack ass album Phenomenon. I'm not gonna continue to argue with you about this ShaDynasty. You got your opinion on who you think is mainstream and underground and i got my opinion on who's underground and mainstream. If we were to take a vote to see if most of the people on here agree with what i said compared to what you said, i would win easily. I can't believe your bitch ass thinks Public Enemy are mainstream rappers hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Ask Chuck D and Flavor Flav if they're mainstream and they would laugh at you LOL.