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Thread: Who else thinks Shad is the shit?

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    Default Who else thinks Shad is the shit?

    I first heard him from the 10/10 review on Rapreviews review of "The Old Prince", so i picked that up and discovered an absolute gem. One of the best if not the best emcee's from Canda. Dude can fuckin SPIT. He comes with some real deep, introspective shit, humerous tracks, politics but never sounds preachy and can poke fun at himself.

    Hes refreshing to listen to. The Old Prince is his masterpiece imo, what a perfect album.

    His debut When This Is Over isnt far off either. I was a little dissapointed with TSOL compared to The Old Prince, it had a more R&B sound and the beats were a bit weaker. Also there was a lot less of the more hard hitting Shad tracks like I''ll Never Understand or Brother Watching, still a dope release though.

    I havent picked up his new album, is it good? Ive heard its a bit of a return to form.

    ^The woman reading the poetry is his mother who lived through the Rwandan genocie.

    ^Masterpiece imo

    ^Im not the biggest fan of that song, the beat is a bit akward i think, but most people seem to like it.

    Shad is dope.

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    Shad is great. Reminds me of Elzhi, but I actually feel more soul and charisma out of Shad. Really talented emcee.

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    ^Yeah i agree, WAY more soul with Shad.

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    My favorite:

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