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Thread: He came out as gay!

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    Default He came out as gay!

    One week ago, University of Massachusetts basketball player Derrick Gordon gathered his teammates to tell them he was gay.

    Gordon, a starter who averaged 9.4 points per game last season, had come out to his parents only days before. He is the first openly gay Division I men's basketball player.

    "I want to be myself," Gordon told ESPN in a televised interview. "I don't want to hide and be someone I'm not."

    He drew courage from fellow athletes, including Jason Collins and Michael Sam. Gordon said he first considered coming out after the 2013 NCAA Tournament. When he finally told his family and teammates, Gordon said he instantly felt the relief of revealing his true self to those closest to him.
    "It was a rough process, actually, leading up to this," Gordon told ESPN. "Those guys just helped me get to where I am right now. If it wasn't for them, I'd be stuck. For this to be happening right now, me coming out, it's an indescribable feeling, honestly. I couldn't be any happier. I feel like I can fly."

    Gordon said the response from teammates was unanimous in that they will "support me no matter what."

    With the team gathered, UMass coach Derek Kellogg, who was the first to know, encouraged teammates to support Gordon.

    "We're all here together, and we need to love each other for who we are," he said. "One of your family members, your brother, wants to let you know something about himself."
    And this is the photo they used in the article:


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