Started from the bottom, had to burn in the light
To shed my darkness, had to burn in the light
To ether the heat put on my back like a nuclear attack
Shown flicks horrifically ripped from the headlines
Dead mines driven in the grim
Had to wipe the grime off
Back from the dead
Now thatís causing chaos
Dead odds by how I chess play
Destroy those days
Everybody had those days
Sniping snapping this how I unleash my pain
Taken out in the rain, had be a phantom
A darkness harken off rooftops, and scowling like a professional

Watch the sun rise
Watch the moon rise
Watch the tide rise
Watch the flow rise
Watch the song ride
There ainít any vision of quitting
Iím not quilting patterns
Had to go get it everyday
Had to go grip it everyday

Mortally wounded get a accustom to it
You ainít immortally vengeance
Iron out cha wrinkles with wrenches
Without the witches Iím pitching heat hot as a solar eclipse
Trips over pebbles like another asteroid belt
Notch it up the Polaris isnít those Vegas stars
Battling burning light had to nova tertian
Speak in protoplasm had to scale it down to proportional matters
Dark hole splatters so mystical magicians couldnít scatter
Driven out the dark into the light this isnít another hydra
Iím spider without the man; Iím merchillago without the lambo
So I can batter up, wanna duck buck those outta trucks
So kinetic you couldnít cluck when it was sniped
So you piped it down like food to a fat bastard
Raster imposter get loss in how cross get cha crossed outta my checklist
Best beckon for the light so I can let the swords burn you skinless reptile